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Radical Fitness® is a globally recognised company and has 12 programs developed for over 50,000 instructors throughout 16,000 gyms worldwide. If you're looking for something new to teach, then this could be the place to start looking.


Certifications can be obtained either through online sessions using Zoom

or in-person at a physical location such as a club.


The first step is to book into a training course at a time that suits you.


Prepare yourself for two or three days filled with intensive and motivational education alongside your newly formed team.


You're almost there! After successfully completing your initial training, the last step to achieving full certification is to submit an assessment video.

Our programs

Proven Group Fitness Programs Developed by Renowned Fitness Experts for Optimal Results.

FIGHT DO® is an exciting blend of Boxing and

Martial Arts, incorporating punches, kicks, and jumps for a dynamic and intense workout. This class burns 600-700 calories, relieves stress, and tones your entire body.

Introducing POWER®, an invigorating and demanding exercise regimen designed to enhance muscle tone, strength, and endurance. This innovative training program employs a specialized bar equipped with adaptable weights,

KIMAX® is performed with a free-standing kicking boxing bag, designed exclusively for this class, using boxing gloves.

UBOUND® is a high-intensity, low-impact workout on a mini trampoline that burns around 900 calories per session.

MEGADANZ® is the rhythm program of Radical Fitness® and is the answer for anyone who loves to dance

X55® is specially designed to burn calories and at the same time to work and tone your legs and glutes.

TOP RIDE® is a dynamic indoor cycling program as it has three individual class formats to provide the ultimate in physical conditioning and training for any avid cycle lover. Full day, race day and climb day.

HYPER C® - the best core HIIT program, providing an intense and effective workout for the abs and glutes!

FACTOR F® offers two very simple and intense training programs in a 30 minute formats and is specifically designed to achieve real and quick results in terms of physical conditioning, calorie burning and muscle toning.

ELEVEN® - the ultimate HIIT training program. Using only your body weight to perform plyometric, functional and athletic exercises, you will reach limits you’ve never experienced or reignite memories of past sporting endeavours’

OXIGENO® is our Body & Mind program based on Pilates, Yoga and Functional Training with which flexibility, strength and mobility are improved through a series of harmonious and flowing movements intimately connected to breathing.


and courses

Exciting certifications are on the horizon! Whether you prefer in-person

club sessions or the convenience of Zoom, we have you covered.

Check out a sneak peek of the upcoming certifications below.

For more details or to inquire about future certification dates,

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Affordable Pricing

Embrace value without compromising on quality

- our affordable pricing is a win-win

Certification / Workshop

The Radical Fitness® training programs have been developed as thorough and in-depth certifications which are run over 2 or 3 days (depending on the program).

$299 - $399

Includes two or three days training by the master trainer Radical Fitness app with one release 30 days use of the radical app after your certification.

Instructor music app


you will have access to the audiovisual software

instantly that will allow you to carry all your library of music and videos in your smartphone or tablet on the go.


-25 back releases of music and videos.

-New music and videos every three months.

-Social media marketing to promote your classes.

-No minimum monthly commitment.

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Coaching Radical Fitness classes has been a career-defining journey. The unique approach to fitness and the extraordinary energy in each session is unmatched. Observing the amazing progress and unwavering commitment of my participants is genuinely uplifting. Being a member of the RadicalFitness community means enabling individuals to unleash their utmost capabilities. I am privileged to be a part of this fitness movement that is reshaping lives.

Renee Wright

"Radical Fitness has completely revolutionized my perception of fitness. The exhilarating workouts, combined with the supportive community, have transformed my body and mind. The passionate instructors guide us through each session with expertise and contagious enthusiasm, pushing us to exceed our limits. Joining Radical Fitness has been a life-changing decision, as it has redefined my fitness goals and reenergized my passion for a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend Radical Fitness to anyone seeking an extraordinary fitness journey."

Ange Young



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